If you’re reading this, either you follow my blog or are a student attending the PVK course. Instead of emailing you all lots of versions if I find any mistakes and need to update the handouts, I am making this small page. Here you will find everything Jean Mégeret and I have prepared for the course. I recommend you look also at his webpage as he has some nice extras.

Finally I have included on here the Zoom Link for our Fragestunde next Monday.

Course Materials

Update Log

17/01/2022 – I removed the second formula for y_c from the original script on page 12 as it was causing some confusion.

11/01/2022 – In the script I added some domains to the wave equation and in the examples I fixed example 10.

10/01/2022 – In the first PVK held on 5/01/2022 I made a mistake for quiz question 8. I attached it here.

D is actually incorrect, since for x=0 the PDE is parabolic.

Question Hour

Zoom Link

Please comment any questions for the question hour below! (I won’t be monitoring the questions after the Fragestunde)

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