Writing and Talks


  • An article on the classical obstacle with Hölder right hand side.
  • Here is my Honours thesis, in it I give a brief introduction to Optimal Transport theory and tackle a problem in Stochastic Optimal Control.
  • In 2017, I completed a summer research project in which I looked at a derivation of the Wallis Formula for \pi that was rooted in quantum mechanics. In this report I look at the special case that the authors chose as the basis of their derivation and show that this really is just a special case.
  • I attended a reading group that met weekly and studied the textbook Geometry of Surfaces by John Stilwell. In this short report, we extend he’s work to n-dimensional manifolds and introduce many different concepts and tools used in geometric analysis.
  • In my final physics project, I learned about general relativity, and wrote a condensed final report about what I had studied. Although this report covers only a very small section of what I actually did in the semester, it is detailed enough to give an introduction to the theory and the mathematics behind it.


  • Regularity of the Free Boundary in the Classical Obstacle Problem – Student seminar co-organised with colleagues at ETH
  • Minimal Surfaces and the De-Giorgi Conjecture – zucMAP available here